North Coast Auction Rooms

House Clearance

We offer a complete house clearance service right the way through from initial visit/consultation, valuation and sale, disposal and even final cleaning of the property itself if required. Whether the property is a small terraced house, apartment, village cottage, suburban semi or a country manor you can be assured that we will take the same high level of care.

Whether you are a private individual or acting on behalf a client, North Coast Auction Rooms will arrange a free, no obligation appointment at the property. Professional advice on the house clearance will then be given in confidence whether you are looking to remove specific items or clear the entire property.

Whislt we normally recommend auction as the best way to realise the highest sale prices (particularly for antiques and collectables) if you prefer to sell items outright, we can also make a fair offer.

North Coast Action Rooms House Clearance Service includes:

- Free initial appointment to advise you of the best way forward

- Professional fully insured removal service

- Clearance of saleable goods including antiques & collectables to our auction rooms for valuation and sale

- The removal and disposal of unsaleable items using approved contractors

- Cleaning of property (on request)

Why use North Coast Auction Rooms House Clearance Service?:

- We offer a one-stop service from initial assessment, clearance, sale, disposal to final cleaning (if required)

- We will empty the house and sort items according to potential value

- We can provide estimates for those items suitable for auction

- We will enter suitable items into auction giving you the opportunity of the best possible return on items of value